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Paloma Faith​: Remainder of Australian Tour Cancelled Due To Illness: Sydney, Adelaide and Perth Concerts will not go ahead.

Due to her continuing illness, Paloma Faith has been obliged by medical advice to cancel her three remaining Australian tour performances.

Paloma Faith’s first Australian tour was totally sold out and has drawn rave reviews for the performances completed to date.

The remaining concerts, scheduled for Sydney, Adelaide (May 14) and Perth (May 16) will not go ahead.

Full refunds will be available to ticket holders at the point of purchase.

For all tickets booked online or by phone, the credit card used in the booking will automatically be refunded. Please allow up to five days to receive your refund. If the original credit card you used for the purchase has been cancelled or no longer valid please contact place of purchase.

If you made your booking at an outlet please return to the original outlet where the booking was made with your ticket(s) and credit card used to purchase in hand to obtain your refund.  Refunds will only be provided to the original purchaser on presentation of photo ID.

Further refund enquiries should be directed to Ticketmaster 136 100 for Sydney ticketholders and Ticketek 132 849 for Adelaide and Perth ticketholders.

Paloma and Live Nation sincerely regret the cancellation and any inconvenience and disappointment that this has caused. Paloma hopes to return to Australia at her earliest opportunity to perform for her fans.

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Artist bio

Butterflies have to spread their wings, especially the bold ones. If they're bright enough, after all, they catch the eyes of the curious. If they make a good sound as they move, then ears perk up too.


Some are happy enough to stay in their own patch, livening it up with their glorious colours. But often taking flight is what their admirers demand of them. This is what happened to one exotic creature from East London, who had always had the itch go further - so she listened to these calls, responded, and travelled. And now in 2014, Paloma Faith is soaring, exploring a bigger, braver new world, and taking us with her.


Taking her with them too are a legendary roster of music icons, singer-songwriters and producers: Pharrell Williams, Diane Warren, John Legend and Raphael Saadiq, just for starters. Paloma didn't approach these higher beings either -- they courted her. Pharrell sang one of her early songs, New York, straight at her at the Met Ball, then grabbed her phone, typed in his number, and said, "I'm ready to work". The Grammy-winning Diane [Cher, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston] called Paloma repeatedly, asking her to listen to a song she'd written with her in mind. (Paloma insisted that she didn't sing songs that she didn't write herself, but when Warren called her for the umpteenth time, on a Boxing Day, out of the blue, and played it on the piano before Paloma could answer, she retaliated - she'd fallen in love.)


Artists Paloma has adored since her teens are also on board. She used to sing John Legend's Ordinary People all the time in the bath, she laughs now, and has adored Raphael Saadiq since the '90s, when she was a huge fan of his New Jack Swing band, Tony! Toni! Ton_!. Some  Mercury-nominated friends from closer to home are also along for the ride -- fellow Londoner Plan B, and Jessie Ware's producer Dave Okumu, frontman of The Invisible, lending their impeccable skills to the bold, final product. Paloma still wants a photo of her gang all together, she says: a poss_ ready to help her finally fly.


It's obvious what these people saw in Paloma. After the melancholy torch songs of her platinum-selling second album, Fall To Grace, her soul and her smarts were both crystal-clear. This girl from Hackney had the talent to move her music to vivid new places, and to deepen the connections to music she had loved all her life: classic, upbeat soul from the '60s to the '90s, dressed up for the party, with a scalpel-sharp modern edge.


But first, Paloma had to make a physical journey. She decided to leave her hometown, and live anonymously for two months in New York. Here, she took down her hair, and left the eyeliner by the vanity mirror. She started writing like an ordinary girl again, not a Brit-nominated pop star. "When I first got to New York I felt like a really huge outsider," she says now. "I felt really insecure and wasn't in my comfort zone. But the busier I got, the better it was." Then the songs started coming.


Paloma aimed to blend into the background of the city, and get inspired by everyday emotions, feelings and experiences -- about falling for people all too easily, how women need to move on, about resuscitating relationships, and about love and loveliness too. Yes, some of these songs were personal, she laughs. "If anyone says their record's not personal, they're lying." She thinks it's impossible to write non-personal music, even if you're writing about somebody else. "I kept relating to things that people I knew were going through, and putting my own hand in the fire. The album title was obvious to me soon after."


A Perfect Contradiction is a very different record from Fall To Grace, Paloma says. "It's tone is the very opposite of what the last album was. There are a couple of melancholy moments, sure, but it's much more a 'if it's all gone to shit, fuck it, let's have a dance' kind of record." Not that this was a negative thing, she insists - quite the opposite, in fact. "I'm not somebody who dwells on hardship myself. You can't have darkness without light, you can't have joy without pain. If I've just been dumped or lost my job, I dress up and go out...I'll call my best mates and say, right, get your glad-rags on, girls!"


Paloma's benchmark song for the album was Candi Staton's Young Hearts Run Free: a song in which the lyrics speak of sadness, but the singing of it leaves you feeling absolutely empowered. "I've been reflecting on things that have been tough, but I'm almost celebrating that. If you haven't been to the bottom, you wouldn't be able to recognise how it feels to feel really amazing, after all." She shimmers just saying those words - you can feel those wings spreading.


New songs written, Paloma then took her songs to LA and Miami, to give them a bold lick of lipstick, a fresh slick of gloss. This was the first album where she felt she had been given opportunities that she had always craved in her career - to work with people who understood the history of music, especially of soul. As well as the older sounds she'd always adored, she wanted to channel Erykah Badu and Jill Scott, The Fugees and N.E.R.D, and the team of people supporting her helped her with that. The songs speak for themselves: the hard, sassy stomp of Can't Rely On You, a collaboration with Pharrell, the strident charge of Other Woman, written with Plan B, the raunch of Take Me, with John Legend, about a lover Paloma had in New York, and the tough, solo compositions of Impossible Heart and Mouth To Mouth. All show a creature believing in herself at last, taking off, flying free.


"This album feels like the real me, almost," Paloma says, beaming, fluttering her wings. "And in a funny way, it feels like coming home. I've realised that learning confidence really makes you capable of things...and that together we can be capable of anything." This is the message Paloma wants A Perfect Contradiction to get across, above all -- for fans all over the world to break out of their cocoons and recognise their true, vivid colours, to take the difficult things in life and take them into the recognise the beautiful butterflies they always were, and always will be.


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