Posted November 24th 2015 in News

Madonna Moments With Maxi Shield

Already announced as host for the Rebel Fleet Harbour Cruise, Maxi Shield will be joining the Rebel Heart tour right around the country as the Hostess With The Mostess for all the VIP Rebel Heart parties. 

Seems only fitting Maxi share with us her favourite Madonna moments. 

Favourite Madonna song to dance too?
Express yourself, Vogue, Spotlight, Who’s that Girl

First Madonna song you fell in love with and why?
Get into the Groove, gets me every time. I remember hearing it for the first time and thinking, wow. The film clip was so fabulous also, peep show realness.

Most underrated Madonna song?
I just love Rain, from song to film clip I think she hit it out of the park. Although it was quite huge anyway, I think its forgotten sometimes.

Best Madonna video?
Rain, Vogue, Express Yourself, Tell Me and even Bitch Im Madonna. Sorry but I can’t just choose one, when you are a fan of Madonna, it covers decades, not just a look or video.

Favourite Madonna look and why?
Her Gautier look, bare breasted was quite fabulous, then there was Sex the book, which had everyone clutching their pearls. I remember being at school and getting in trouble because i ordered a copy of the Sex book. I still have it!!

Best Madonna tour and why?
Blonde Ambition was the first tour I remember becoming obsessed by, being a young showgirl, just finishing school it was a world I wanted to be a part of. Then I was lucky enough to go to the Girlie Show,so that has stayed with me. The excitement of the concert still gives me goosebumps.

You'll find all the details on the Madonna Rebel Heart VIP Packages here




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