Posted January 29th 2016 in News

Black Sabbath Release New Album

Black Sabbath have confirmed their special limited edition CD—THE END—to be sold exclusively at shows on the legendary band’s final tour INCLUDES their Australian and New Zealand shows! 

Featuring original artwork by Shepard Fairey/Obey Giant, the CD is comprised of eight previously unreleased tracks: four songs are outtakes from Black Sabbath’s worldwide #1, Grammy Award-winning album 13 and four live songs from the band’s critically acclaimed 13 World Tour.

The CD features Ozzy Osbourne (Vocals), Tony Iommi (Guitar) and Geezer Butler (Bass), along with Brad Wilk (Drums) on tracks 1-4, Tommy Clufetos (Drums) on tracks 5-8, and Adam Wakeman (Keyboard) on tracks 5-8.

For all the fans, the tracklisting looks like this: 

  1. Season of the Dead
  2. Cry All Night
  3. Take Me Home
  4. Isolated Man
  5. God is Dead? (Live Sydney, Australia 4/27/13)
  6. Under the Sun (Live Auckland, New Zealand 4/20/13)
  7. End of the Beginning (Live Hamilton, ON Canada 4/11/14)
  8. Age of Reason (Live Hamilton, ON Canada 4/11/14)



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