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FAQs: P!nk VIP Experiences

How can I buy?

Tickets go on sale Friday October 20. Please check your local city for on sale timings.

Telstra customers (Australia Only) and AMEX customers (New Zealand Only) can access tickets via their pre-sales commencing Monday October 16. Please check your local city for onsale timings.

My Live Nation members can also be among the first to access tickets during the pre-sale commencing Wednesday October 18. Please check your local city for on sale timings.

1. Is there a limit on the number of VIP Experiences that can be purchased?
A. Only 4 VIP Experiences per customer can be purchased in one transaction.

2. Will the VIP Experiences be available for purchase at the same time as standard tickets go on sale?
A. Yes they will be available at all pre-sales and general onsales.

3. Will my tickets for the VIP Experiences be sent before the show?
A. If you select Venue Collect as your delivery option you will need to collect your tickets from the VIP desk on the night of the show. If you select to have the tickets posted to you they will be sent shortly after you have purchased or after the date any print suppression is lifted. Further information regarding the VIP Experiences will be emailed to the original purchaser, within 7 days prior to the show.

4. When will I be notified about the details of my VIP Experience?
A. You will receive an email from approximately 7-10 days before the show. It will include all the information you will need regarding your Experience, and will be sent to the email address used when purchasing the tickets.

5. What happens if I don't hear from you via email?
A. Please check your junk or spam folder first. If you have not received your email a few days out from the show, please contact us at or phone 03 8632 2500 during business hours. It is your responsibility as the purchaser to follow up information if you have not received it from us 7 – 10 days prior to the show.

6. What will happen if I am late?
A. If you’re late, you may miss components of your VIP Experience. No compensation will be provided to latecomers.

7. What if I turn up late and miss the check-in period?
A. You will need to contact on the next working day, to make arrangements to collect your tour items. Any postage will be at patron cost.

8. Can I get a refund on my VIP Experience if I can’t make it?
A. You will not be entitled to a refund if you are unable to attend the show. Under extenuating circumstances, upon presentation of supporting documentation (eg. a doctor’s certificate), a refund request may be considered.

9. What if someone else bought the VIP Experience for me?
A. We advertise that VIP Experiences are non-transferable. However, we understand that
there are circumstances where an Experience may be purchased as a gift; or on behalf of a family member or friend. In such situations, the ‘original purchaser’s’ name must be known and stated at check-in, and proof of purchase (confirmation email) will be required in order to check-in and receive your Experience benefits.

10. Who is the ‘original purchaser’?
A. For Ticketek purchases, the ‘original purchaser’ is the person whose ticketing account the Experience was bought through. For Ticketmaster purchases, the ‘original purchaser’ is the person whose credit card was used to make the purchase.

11. Can I use a VIP Experience purchased via another website?
A. We strongly discourage the purchasing of VIP Experiences via outlets other than VIP Nation and our official ticketing partners, as we cannot guarantee the authenticity of the purchase. If an Experience has been purchased from a third-party site such as eBay, you must know the original purchaser’s name and supply the original proof of purchase from the official ticketing agency at check-in as outlined previously. VIP Nation reserves the right to cancel the package and/or refuse entry to any patron/s unable to provide the appropriate supporting documentation; this includes the concert ticket. These measures are taken in order to prevent scalping and ensure VIP Experiences and tickets are not purchased by more than one person.

12. If I have already bought concert tickets, but want to upgrade to a VIP Experience, can I do that?
A. Yes, subject to availability. You will need to contact the ticketing outlet you purchased your tickets from, to arrange the upgrade.

13. Are tickets always included in the P!NK VIP Experiences?
A. Yes, all P!NK VIP Experiences include a concert ticket in the price.

14. Are there any Meet & Greet Experiences on the tour?
A. Unfortunately there are no Meet & Greet Experiences on this tour.

15. Where is my seat located?
A. Indicative locations of VIP Experience Seats can be found on the VIP EXPERIENCE MAP.

16. If I have a question about my seat who do I speak to?
A. Prior to show day contact the ticketing agency you purchased through, on the night of the show speak to a venue usher. We want to ensure you have a great time, so any issue that arises is best solved at the show.

17. If I have a question about my VIP Experience who do I speak to?
A. If you have a question regarding your VIP Experience prior to show day contact or ph 03 8632 2500 during business hours. On the night of the show speak to VIP Nation staff before the show commences. Any questions that arise during the show speak to a venue usher.

18. Why does the same VIP Experience have a different price in different cities?
A. Due to the varying layouts of venues, there may be a different priced seat category within the VIP Experience, which will cause the end price to differ.


19. What is a VIP Party Experience?
A. A VIP Party Experience includes a good seat and hospitality including food, beverages and a tour item. Please note that canapés should not be considered a full meal, but finger food only.

20. What if I have purchased a VIP Party Experience and I have special dietary requirements?
A. We do our best to cater for all special dietary requirements. When you receive your VIP information email, it will outline when you need to contact us in order for us to fulfill these requirements.

21. What is Onsite VIP Staff?
A. Staff members from VIP Nation, who will be on hand at every show to manage the check-in process, answer questions, direct VIP ticket holders, and assist in making the experience as enjoyable as possible.

22. Can I bring a camera to the VIP party?
A. Yes, you can bring a camera to the VIP party. However, you will need to abide by the venue restrictions in terms of the camera being allowed into the auditorium. Professional cameras with detachable lenses are prohibited.

23. Does the Collectible Laminate get me backstage?
A. The Collectible laminate is commemorative only and does not gain or authorise access into the venue or backstage areas


24. Does Early Entry get me into the P!NK Wild Heart Zone?
A. Early Entry refers to first access onto the main floor, before the general public, it does not give you entry in the P!NK Wild Heart Zone.

25. Are children or teens allowed to participate in the Early Entry Experience?
A. Whilst we endeavor to make the General Admission floor experience as safe as possible for all patrons, it does involve being in close proximity with other patrons who may wish to jump around and dance, which may make it an uncomfortable experience for children/young teens. Whilst there is no age limit for the floor, any child/teen would need to be accompanied by an adult and we would strongly recommend you consider whether this ticket type is the best option for your child.

26. What do I do if I feel uncomfortable on the floor, or if I am getting pushed too much?
A. If you are feeling uncomfortable or are getting pushed, then we suggest you immediately speak to security and ask for their assistance, or move out to the back of the general admission area where is generally space to move more freely.

Butler Service Seat

27. Are the food and beverages included in the price of this Experience?
A. A complimentary beverage (beer, wine or soft drink) is included in this Experience but all food and further beverages must be purchased from the venue’s retail menu.

28. Is the service of food and beverage constant throughout the show?
A. Purchased food and beverages will be delivered to your seat at designated times. Further information in regards to the delivery times and how to pre-order will be supplied in the lead up to the show.




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