Posted May 28th 2015 in News

FAN REVIEW: Top 5 Nickelback Moments

Craig Coombes the man behind the inspirational website Naked Tuesday may just be Nickelback's biggest fan.

Diagnosed with terminal cancer, Coombes is battling his illness with laughter (read about the Naked Tuesday project) and Nickelback

Travelling to 3 shows Melbourne, Newcastle and Adelaide, Coombes shared his top 5 moments at a Nickelback concert. 

5 Things

1. Chad is charismatic, very, very suave, very cool and not just for the ladies either! 

2. I've been to a few tours now and they're getting better with age ... like a fine wine! 

3. Daniel's drum solos are worth the admission price alone. 

4. Nickelback getting funky with the new song 'She Keeps Me Up' ... a new dimension that worked.

5. Lyrically they've always been good at mixing it up and the new songs are more political than we're used too providing food for thought. Not a bad thing! 


Photo credit: Tiffany Bickley




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