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FIRST LOOK: Baroness

Opening the first show of their first headlining tour at Auckland's Kings Arm Tavern with a blistering 'Kerosene', Baroness are ready to no longer be known as Metallica's support act. 

Covering their back catalogue as well as tracks from latest album Purple, the American band continue to defy what it means to be the heavy metal. 

Full gallery above and the best of Instagram below. Keep an eye on Baroness' socials as they announce Australian pop-up signings. 

The tour heads to Sydney tomorrow night before continuing on to Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. Limited tickets available. 


Fan boying it up with motherflippin John Dyer Baizley from @yourbaroness and wearing war paint for some reason! #baroness #aperfectmonster #fanboy

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Baroness being awesomely purple (appropriately) and showing off some epic double guitar solo awesomeness #baroness

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Images: Mark Derricutt



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