Posted March 24th 2016 in Video

LISTEN: Asking Alexandria 'Send Me Home'

Asking Alexandria have released 'Send Me Home' the fourth single from their forthcoming album The Black. 

Guitarist and co-founder Ben Bruce revealed the song was about the loneliness of life on the road in a lenghty interview with Billboard

“Everyone thinks, ‘Oh, you're a rock star, you're living the life, you're living the dream, you get to party every day.’ While it's true that we're living a life that we love and what we dreamed when we were kids, people don't actually take into consideration the fact that we are away from everyone we love, that we do wake up in a different city every day not knowing where we are. We don't really get a bed to sleep in. We sleep in a coffin, essentially, on a moving bus or an airplane. The song is just about missing normal life at home with your family and your loved ones.” 

Listen to 'Send Me Home' above. The Black is released worldwide March 25. Asking Alexandria tour Australia and New Zealand next month. 



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