Posted May 19th 2015 in News

Live Nation Alumni At The Billboard Music Awards

They've all toured here recently & Lindsey Stirling, John Legend, Meghan Trainor, Kanye West were highlights during last night's awards ceremony.

Most Moving Moment: Lindsey Stirling

The violinist joined Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth onstage for a reendition of current American no.1 tune 'See You Again', a touching tribute to late actor Paul Walker. 

Most Controversial Moment: Kanye West

While he didn't interrupt anyone this time around, Yeezus performance left many confounded with the rapper unseen behind smoke and most of the verse bleeped out. 

Smoothest Duet: Meghan Trainor & John Legend

In a night filled with memorable duets (looking at you Iggy & Britney) Meghan Trainor and John Legend sharing a stage for Trainor's 'Like I'm Gonna Lose You' was the night's slickest duet by far. 



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