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GALLERY: Capturing The Real Pablo

Narcos is a smash-hit Netflix series. But it's also the true story of Javier Pena and Steve Murphy, two undercover American DEA agents responsible for the capture of the world's most notorious criminal and druglord Pablo Escobar. 

Now retired, they're the kind of people you dream of being sat next to at a dinner party with all the best stories. While we couldn't host a dinner party big enough for everyone, they will be here next June ready to share the stories too insane even for TV.

Until then Steve dug up his old photo albums (Instagram wasn't a thing) and shared some of his favourite snaps with us, proving their moustaches were definitely not just for the show. 

Javier and I sitting in front of the door to Escobar's prison cell at La Catedral following Escobar's escape. Our feeling was euphoric because we had another opportunity to pursue he world's first narco-terrorist, and the world's most-wanted criminal.

pablos desk

Here I am sitting behind Escobar's desk in Escobar's custom built prison, La Catedral, following his escape.  Escobar had a two-room suite with a walk-in closet and a jacuzzi tub in the private bathroom.  Calling this a jail cell or a prison was a joke.

A CNP (Colombian National Police) helicopter on patrol following the seizure and destruction of a clandestine cocaine production lab in the Colombian jungle.

Javier out on patrol with the CNP in the mountains of Antioquia. They are in the middle of a poppy field, which at that time, was very unusual in Colombia. A short time later, the Colombian drug traffickers started producing heroin that was exported to the US.

Javier at the CNP HQ in Bogota following the seizure of money, gold, silver, jewelry, and a gold-plated .45 caliber pistol belonging to Pablo Escobar.  This was considered a small seizure from Escobar because of his vast wealth.  Forbes magazine ranked him as the 7th richest man in he world, with an estimated wealth of between $8 and $30 billion.

Javier and I attending the premiere of season two of Narcos in Hollywood with Pedro Pascal (played Javier) and Boyd Holbrook (played myself) in late August 2016.



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