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Taylor Swift VIP Experience FAQ's


1) When can I buy a Taylor Swift VIP Package?
Packages will be available for purchase during pre-sales and the general onsale and should only be purchased through authorised sellers, Ticketmaster, Ticketmaster NZ and Ticketek:


2) Is there a limit on the number of Packages that can be purchased?
Only 6 packages per customer can be purchased in one transaction EXCEPT for the SNAKE PIT where only 4 packages per customer can be purchased in one transaction.

3) Will my tickets for the Package be sent before the show?
If you select Venue Collect as your delivery option you will need to collect your tickets from the Box Office on the night of the show. If you select to have the tickets posted to you they will be sent shortly after you have purchased or after the date any print suppression is lifted.

4) When will I receive my tour gift?
You will be sent your tour gift within the fortnight prior to the show to the address you have registered with the ticketing agency. Please ensure your details are correct and up to date. VIP Nation will not be held responsible for the gift being sent to the wrong address if incorrect details were supplied. Tour gifts will not be sent to countries outside Australia and New Zealand. If you are an international patron, then once you have purchased your package, you will need to contact the ticketing agency in order to supply an address within Australia or New Zealand.

5) What happens if I change my address between purchasing the package and having the gift sent to me? 
It is your responsibility as the purchaser to ensure you notify the ticketing agency as soon as your details change.

6) What will happen if I am late? 
No compensation will be provided to latecomers to the concert.

7) Can I get a refund on my purchase if I can’t make it?
You will not be entitled to a refund if you are unable to attend the show.

8) Can I use a Package purchased via another website?
We strongly discourage the purchasing of Taylor Swift Packages via outlets such as ebay and Viagogo, as we cannot guarantee the authenticity or validity of the purchase. We strongly recommend that packages are purchased only via authorised sellers Ticketmaster, Ticketmaster NZ and Ticketek. 

If a package has been purchased from a third-party site, VIP Nation and the ticketing agency reserves the right to cancel the package and/or refuse entry to any patron/s  

9) If I have already bought concert tickets, but want to upgrade to a Package, can I do that?
Yes, subject to availability. You will need to contact the ticketing outlet you purchased your tickets from, to arrange the upgrade.

10) Are tickets always included in the Packages?
Yes, all VIP Nation Taylor Swift Packages include a concert ticket in the price.

11) Are there any Meet & Greet Experiences on the tour?
Unfortunately, there are no Meet & Greet Experiences on this tour.

12) Where is my seat located?
At the time of purchase, you will be told the seat location and can check this against the venue map on the ticketing agency website. Please consider the location carefully as once you have committed to purchase there will be no exchanges or refunds granted.

13) If I have a question about my seat who do I speak to?
Prior to show day contact the ticketing agency you purchased through, on the night of the show speak to a venue usher. We want to ensure you have a great time, so any issue that arises is best solved at the show.

14) If I have a question about my VIP Nation Taylor Swift Package who do I speak to?
Contact or ph 03 8632 2500 during business hours. Any questions that arise during the show speak to a venue usher.

15) Does the Collectible Laminate get me backstage?
The Collectible laminate is commemorative only and does not gain or authorise access into the venue or backstage areas

16) Are there seats within the Snake Pit? 
The Snake Pit is a standing zone, there are no seats.

17) Are children or teens allowed to participate in the Snake Pit?
Whilst we endeavour to make the Snake Pit floor experience as safe as possible for all patrons, it does involve being in close proximity with other patrons who may wish to jump around and dance, which may make it an uncomfortable experience for children/young teens. Whilst there is no age limit for the Snake Pit, any child/teen would need to be accompanied by an adult and we would strongly recommend you consider whether this ticket type is the best option for your child. Please ensure proper ear protection is provided to all children.

18) What do I do if I feel uncomfortable in the Snake Pit, or if I am getting pushed too much?
If you are feeling uncomfortable or are getting pushed, then we suggest you immediately speak to security and ask for their assistance.

19) How many Snake Pits are there?
There are 3 different Pits and if you purchase in a separate transaction from your friends, you may not end up in the same Snake Pit and you will be unable to swap around due to Pit capacities.

20) Are the Hot Seats in the stands or on the floor?
The Hot Seats are located on the floor – The Big Reputation Package includes an A Reserve priced seat on the floor and the Kingdom Keys Package includes a B Reserve priced seat on the floor.

VIP Nation Package Terms and Conditions:

  • Please ensure the contact details you provided at the point of purchase are up to date. These will be the details used to communicate all package information.
  • Any further communication regarding your VIP Nation Package generally occurs approx. 7 days prior to show day.
  • NO REFUNDS will be given under any circumstances except in the case of concert/entire program cancellation.
  • Package details are subject to change without notice.
  • Tour gift will be sent to the original purchaser within two weeks of the Taylor Swift show to the address as listed on the original purchaser’s ticketing account.
  • Please note that the merchandise items listed are subject to availability and that VIP Nation have the right to exchange the item with another item of equal value.
  • Collectible laminate is commemorative only and does not gain or authorise access into the venue or backstage areas.
  • Any enquiries about your Taylor Swift Package can be directed to:



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