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Got questions about our VIP experiences? Want to know what to expect? All frequently asked questions are answered here!

1. What is VIP Hotseat package? 

A. A VIP Hot Seat package generally includes a great seat and a tour gift.

2. What is a VIP Early Entry Package? 

A. A VIP Early Entry package generally includes a general admission ticket,  the opportunity to be first into the arena on the floor (Please note: There is no separate area sectioned off on the floor for EARLY ENTRY patrons, the package entitles you to early entry onto the floor, before the general public get access) and a tour gift. 

3. What is a VIP Soundcheck package?

A. A VIP Soundcheck package generally includes a great seat OR general admission ticket and provides access to the artists soundcheck along with a tour gift.

4. What is a VIP Party package?  

A. A VIP Party package generally includes a great seat and hospitality including canapés and beverages (or, if specified, a sit down buffet meal) and a tour gift. Please note that canapés should not be viewed as a meal as such, but as appetisers) and a tour gift. 

5. What is a VIP Meet & Greet package?

A. A VIP meet & greet generally involves meeting an artist and having a photo opportunity with them, along with a great seat or general admission ticket and a tour gift. We recommend that you have a question or two ready for the artist when you meet them so as to avoid an awkward silence.

6. When will I be notified about the details of my VIP package? 

A. Approximately 7 days prior to show day you will receive an email from which will outline everything you need to know regarding your VIP package. If you have NOT heard from us a few days out from the show please email or phone 03 8632 2500. Please note that the emails can go into your spam or junk folders so please check those before contacting us. 

7. What happens if I don't hear from you via email? 

A.  If you have NOT heard from us a few days out from the show please email or phone 03 8632 2500. Please note that the emails can go into your spam or junk folders so please check those before contacting us. 

8. What if I have purchased a VIP Party package and I have special dietary requirements? 

A. We work with the venues to do our best to cater for all special dietary requirements. When you receive your VIP information email it will outline when you need to contact us by in order to cater for these requirements.  

9. What will happen if I am late? 

A. If you are late you may miss components of your VIP Package and no compensation will be provided should you arrive late. Where we can help you we will however it is imperative for meet & greet and soundcheck packages especially to arrive on time.

10. What if someone else bought the package for me?

A. We advertise that VIP packages are non-transferable. However we understand that there are times when someone might purchase a package as a gift or on behalf of a family member or friend who does not have access to a credit card. Photo identification of the original package purchaser is required at the time of check-in. If the package has been purchased on your behalf, or given as a gift, then you MUST provide a letter of authorization from the original purchaser together with a photocopy of their photo ID, along with your own, enabling you to collect the package elements. Your signature will be required at the time of check-in to acknowledge that you have received the package elements. We discourage people to purchase VIP packages from unofficial sources. If a VIP package has been purchased from a site such as ebay (for example), unless you supply the above documentation at check-in, VIP Nation reserves the right to cancel the package including the concert ticket. These measures are taken in order to where possible prevent scalping.

11. What do I need on the day?  

A. Photo ID will be required on the day at check-in (or a copy of the original purchasers photo ID and a letter of authorisation) and any other items as specified in the VIP information email.

12. Can I bring a camera to the VIP party? 

A. Yes you can bring a camera to the VIP party, however you will need to abide by venue restrictions in terms of the camera being allowed into the auditorium. Professional cameras with detachable lenses are generally not allowed into auditoriums. 

13. Can I bring a camera to the meet & greet? 

A. The VIP information email will outline camera restrictions as it depends on the tour. Generally VIP Nation meet & greets will include the provision of a professional photographer to capture the photo opportunity. A link to those photos will generally be supplied within 48 hours.  If a professional photographer is included, no personal cameras may be brought into the meet & greet space. Smaller tours may request that VIP patrons bring their own cameras to have the VIP Representative take the photos on your behalf or for you to take a “selfie” with the artist.

14. Are tickets always included in VIP packages?

A.  No. Reserved seat or general admission tickets are not always included in the VIP package and care must be taken when purchasing to determine if entry into the concert is included or not. Some VIP packages are upgrades only and require the patron to already have a concert ticket.  

15. What if my concert tickets haven’t arrived before the show?

A. VIP Nation do not issue the concert tickets, it is all done through the ticketing agencies. We would suggest that you firstly check your ticketing receipt to see if you chose to have your tickets posted out or venue collect and then if you still are not sure what to do, contact the ticketing agency you purchased through.

16. What if I turn up late and miss the check-in period?

A. You will need to contact VIP Nation via email on the next working day to make arrangements to get the tour gifts. Any postage is at patron cost. 

17. Do I get a refund on my VIP package if I can’t make it?

A. No, you will not be entitled to a refund unless under extenuating circumstances. Back-up documentation such as a doctor’s certificate (or the like) would be required as part of any refund request submission.

18. If I have already bought concert tickets but want to upgrade to a VIP package can I do that?

A. Yes you can, subject to availability. You will need to contact the ticketing agency you purchased your tickets from to arrange the upgrade.



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