Posted March 19th 2015 in Video

WATCH: A Public Service Announcement from Nikki Sixx!

Attention Aussie & Kiwi fans, Nikki wants to talk to you ... added bonus, fantastic footage of big haired fans from 1990.

Motley Crue first played Australia way back in 1990 for their Dr. Feelgood World Tour ... and caused a riot or two.  Relive the past and get excited for the future in the clip delivered from Mr. Sixx himself. 

Aaaaannnnd did you know Motley Crue was originally going to be named 'Christmas'? No ... read on for a few more random MC facts. 

1. The birth name of Mick Mars is actually Bob Deal. 

2. Vince Neal fronted Rock Candy before joining Motley. 

3. Whilst touring in Japan Mick Mars went around in a 'Godzilla' mask on his head and his pants down. 

4. Tommy and Vince went to the same high school. 

5. Nikki Sixx dated Lit Ford from The Runaways

6. Tommy Lee met his future wife Heather Locklear at a Reo Speedwagon concert. 

7. The band was once sued due to the loudness of their music causing someone hearing loss. The band won ...

8. In 2006 the band recieved the 2301st Hollywood Walk of Fame star. 

9. Tommy Lee has a Jagermeister tap installed in his house. 

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