Posted January 18th 2016 in Video

WATCH: Black Sabbath Rehearsals

Can Ozzy still sing? Will they play classic Sabbath songs? If this just released rehearsal footage is anything to go by the answer is a resounding yes and yes! 

With the 'Greatest Metal Band Of All Time' about to hit the road for the final time, the band have been rehearsing like mad and dusting off tracks from deep within the Black Sabbath back catalogue by the sounds of it. 

According to guitarist Tony Iommi they've "picked a few of the ones we haven't played in a long time, as well, to add to the 'Iron Man's and 'War Pigs,' which you have to do, and we love to play,”, with Ozzy backing him up promising they'll be "doing more classic Sabbath songs than the newer stuff."

Their final, victory lap kicks off January 20 in the States. It hits our shores April 15 before continuing through to New Zealand. 

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