Posted December 17th 2014 in News

Your Rant, Your Show

Comedian Andy Zaltzman wants to hear what's making you rant.

Andy Zaltzman, the British-based half of global hit podcast The Bugle with John Oliver, brings his uniquely interactive new show Satirist for Hire to Australia and New Zealand, giving audiences the chance to have the issues they care about satirise to order by one of Britain’s leading political comedians.

Whether a general grumble or a specific bleat about a global, local or personal issue, audience members are invited to send in their satirico-queries in advance, by email to (including the date of the show you will be attending). Zaltzman will then satirise the living hell out of whatever has got your goat. All issues considered. Within reason.

Following a debut stand-up tour of India with Cricket Versus The World in late 2013 - the ESPNCricinfo writer bowling over audiences in search of an answer to the ultimate question: which is better cricket, or The World? - these will be Zaltzman’s debut Australasian stand-up shows, performing in Christchurch, Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne.


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